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Michael Austin retires as AOA Chairman
Date:  16th Sep 2022
Michael Austin, who has served as the AOA's Chairman since its inception, retired effective 3 May 2022. Alister Mason, the present Deputy Chairman, will act as chairman.
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Glen Wigney appointed a director of the AOA
Date:  2nd Dec 2021
Glen Wigney has been appointed as a director effective 22 November 2021 to serve through 3 May 2022.
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AOA Board reappointments
Date:  1st Aug 2021
Michael Austin has been reappointed as the Chairman and Alister Mason has been reappointed as a director, also assuming the role as Deputy Chairman.
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Don Cockburn retires as AOA Managing Director
Date:  7th Oct 2019
Don Cockburn, who has served as the AOA's Managing Director since December 2013, has retired. From 1 October 2019, Paul Anderton assumed the role of acting Managing Director effective 1 October 2019.
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PwC Withdraws from the Register of Recognized Auditors
Date:  11th Jun 2019
PwC has withdrawn from the Register of Recognized Auditors; the effective date of the withdrawal was 10 May 2019.
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